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New zan - Flower Deliveries Hashfela

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New zan - Flower Deliveries Hashfela
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New zan
New zan

New zan is a flower shop located in downtown Ness Ziona and foreign offers standard flower arrangements inclusive entanglement.
The owner Tanya, she possessed a rich track record and entanglement in Event Design, Israel believes that the customer comes to the level of a European friend and that's exactly what it offers.

With foreigners and even floral arrangements you will find this spectacular store, Sweets & made from a variety of sweets and rich in flavor and color, representing an innovative alternative to fresh flowers. At the same time on "new breed" Event Design Department offers design solutions for private and corporate events, from the Bridal bouquet and decorative art luxury vehicle to a complete solution of design tables, canopies, niches, event space and more complex.

As part of the design world, offering on "new zan" services "Flurist", which is a new service. Service that allows editors to private home events, invite professional weaves, you get to the scene and give the place a unique look through design with flowers and other elements.

It is important to mention the workshops convolve made that are individuals and groups, and customer favorites in the store itself to those who want to experience working in a flower shop.

In summary, a variety of products and services offered by "new breed" are a quantum leap in design and weave in and give customers high standards.

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